Adam begins the Harvard Goals4Leaders program with Coaches across Continents.

Original Post: 9/19/2009

Hometown: Andover, Massachusetts
Experience: Coached for 3 summers, including Andover High School Girls
Varsity and Wakefield High School Boys Varsity and trained with PLAY SOCCER USA.
Favorite Soccer Team: Manchester United
Favorite Player: Kaka
Best Soccer Memory: Winning Class A New England Championship at Brooks
Idol: John Packard (High School soccer coach and mentor)
Favorite Music: Anything
Favorite Movie: Braveheart
University: Harvard
Soccer playing experience: Harvard University Varsity soccer player for 3
years. Brooks School Varsity Soccer player for 4 years. 3 times All-League
in high school, with 3 league championships and 1 New England Championship.
4 times state champions with Inter SC Boston and Juventus USA.

Thoughts on coaching in Africa: I am looking forward to working hard and
learning more about myself. I hope that my efforts and experience will have a
positive impact on the communities that I visit.

To support Adams work in Malawi from June till August 2009, please visit:

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