Coach Nicholaus continues his great work in Kigoma

February 18th, 2010

The first Coaches across Continents program was held in Kigoma, Tanzania with the Kigoma/Ujiji Municipal Council in 2008.  The Head of the Sports Program, Coach Nicholaus used the internet to contact our program and since 2008 he has worked tirelessly to use sport for social development.

Last week Coach Nico visited the Teachers Training College in Kasulu to continue with the student training program and to pass on his excellent teaching skills.

“The success of every Coaches across Continents program is linked to the enthusiasm and dedication of leaders in the community.  Coach Nico has a passion for sport and education and he is a community leader.   The year-round work that he is doing in Kigoma with all the teachers has seen the first ever girls soccer program and soccer education has been used to teach about HIV.  We all congratulate Coach Nico for his dedication to his community”.  Nick Gates, Global Strategist.

To see more about the great teachers of Kigoma, please check out:

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