Coaches across Continents presents at The 4th Annual Urban Soccer Symposium in DC

May 5th, 2010

Coaches across Continents recently was invited to present at The 4th Annual Urban Soccer Symposium held in Washington, DC on April 21–23, 2010. The Urban Soccer Collaborative and The U.S. Soccer Foundation organized the Symposium and close to 50 US-based organizations attended. The international event helped strengthen new and existing domestic programs that use soccer as a tool for positive youth development in under-resourced communities by providing expert panel discussions and hands-on workshops in the fields of fundraising, strategic planning, coaching education, life skills programming, and measurement and evaluation.  In addition to speaking on an international panel, Coaches across Continents provided demonstrations of games from its Health and Wellness curriculum that had been modified to address obesity issues found in American communities. In addition, CaC shared some of its conflict resolution games it will utilize in Uganda with former child soldiers as a means to address similar issues facing former gang members from inner cities.
“Each day, I continue to be more amazed at the power of soccer as an educational tool. Seeing its effectiveness in Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania this past year with Coaches across Continents was fantastic, and now being able to use CaC’s curriculum to help wonderful organizations use soccer in America to grapple with such critical issues as obesity prevention, drug use, gang violence, and female empowerment, really made me proud to be involved in this global movement.” Christian Aviza, Coaches across Continents, Business Advisory Board member.
For more information on these organizations please visit, and

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