Harvard University joins Goals4Leaders with Coaches across Continents

Original Post: 9/19/2009

We are delighted to announce that the Harvard University Soccer Programs are the first to sign up for our new Goals4Leaders program.  For the Fall ‘09 season, every goal scored by the Men and Women on the Harvard teams will result in funds for children and teachers in developing communities.  Players and Graduates from Harvard will also donate their time to work in our programs in Africa from Summer ‘09 as part of a funding drive to raise money for 5 Hat-Trick Initiatives.

The Goals4Leaders is headed by two recent Harvard graduates, Iain Bridges and David Williams who have developed a number of unique concepts that allow current players the opportunity to make a real difference just by playing the game that they love.  Iain says, “Current players work together off the field to raise sponsorship money to help children in developing communities.  Every time the team is successful on the field, children all around the world directly benefit”

Harvard Women's Soccer

The Harvard teams have set a target of $1,000 per goal and Harvard Alum, Seamus Malin is excited about the role that the teams are going to play for children everywhere.  “It’s a great example of how young people today are more involved with making a real difference to the global society.  I’ll certainly be watching for all the results and hoping for some high scoring games”.

To Sponsor a Goal – Click on any of these 3 pages created by the Mens Team:





Every Goal helps children and teachers in developing communities around the world.  For more information go to www.coachesacrosscontinents.com

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