Goal 1: Exciting new program in Namibia with Special Olympics

March 24th, 2011.  After 9 months working closely with Special Olympics, including meetings in the USA, England and a site visit in Namibia, Coaches across Continents is excited to share our ideas and learn from the fantastic work at the Football for Hope Centre in Windhoek with a new Hat-Trick Initiative partnership in Namibia.

Year 1 of this new partnership starts in June 2011 and coaches Brian, Sophie, Alicia, AJ and Dean will run curriculum development sessions for the volunteers of Special Olympics and also sessions for the players. 

Location: Katatura Community – Windhoek, Namibia

Centre Host: Special Olympics Namibia (SON)

Mission: To empower people with intellectual disabilities to realize their full potential and develop their skills through year-round sports training and competition.

Target population: Girls and boys with intellectual disabilities

Football-based programmes since: 1998

“This is the type of exciting partnership for Coaches across Continents that benefits both partners.  The Football for Hope Center in Windhoek is an outstanding facility funded by FIFA through streetfootballworld and by working closely with Special Olympics we can share and learn new ways for life skill development for players with intellectual disabilities.”  Christian Aviza, Coaches across Continents.

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One Comment on “Goal 1: Exciting new program in Namibia with Special Olympics”

  1. Elsa Aviza April 1, 2011 at 7:31 pm #

    Having spent 28 years working with intellectually challenged children and young adults, I can assure anyone with the willingness to become involved in this worthwhile venture that the rewards will be even greater for you than they are for the individuals you will serve. This is the way the world was meant to work.

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