WhizzKids United, South Africa write about Coaches across Continents

August 2nd, 2011.  WKU continues partnership with Coaches Across Continents.

The South African schools were closed for two weeks in July due to the holidays, so our Life Skills Trainers had the chance to attend a football skills workshop with Coaches Across Continents. WhizzKids United started the partnership with Coaches Across Continents last year. This year Paul Gibbons came to Durban to share his knowledge with our Life Skills Trainers from Umlazi, Edendale and Northern eThekwini. Gibbo has many years of coaching experience in the UK and the USA as well as worked for the youth academy of Premier League Club West Bromwich Albion.

In the 3-day-workshop Gibbo taught about the Coerver Training Method, which is used by the best football clubs in the world such as Champions League winner FC Barcelona. The Life Skills trainers had the priceless chance to develop their own skills under the guidance of a highly qualified coach and to learn how to share their skills with the kids. All of the workshop participants visibly enjoyed the days out on the football field. The activities were so entertaining that even some of the Office based staff, couldn′t resist to come out and kick a ball with the Life Skills Trainers. WhizzKids United is already eager for another workshop with Coaches Across Continents next year. For this year we say “Thank you Coaches Across Continents for this partnership.”

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