Our Success: The Hat-Trick Initiative 2013

The Coaches Across Continents Hat-Trick Initiative has received world-wide acclaim:  The Hat-Trick Initiative 2013

As any soccer fan knows, a Hat Trick is to score three goals in a single match. The Coaches Across Continents program is designed to reach three goals:

  1. to put in place a sustainable, long-term educational program for children and youth in collaboration with local teachers and community leaders;
  2. to fund selected community teachers and coaches to train in a developing community to gain valuable educational and social experiences for up to 12 weeks; and
  3. to provide soccer kit and educational supplies and develop sports educational facilities to help each community to sustain the program.

The unique program we’ve built to achieve these three goals, together with our commitment to ongoing, rigorous monitoring and evaluation, helps account for the success we’ve achieved in the short time since our founding in 2008.

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