Nico leads in Geita, Tanzania

November 27, 2012: It was a week of battling the elements for Marisa, Emily, and Melanie in Geita, Tanzania! The trio spent the week transitioning inside and outside of classrooms in unison with the rain, and spent a day in bed after coming down with food poisoning one night. This unfortunate event actually turned into the highlight of the week, as their Tanzanian coordinator Nico was able to take over the program for the day Nico was CAC’s first contact in Africa in 2008, and has been crucial to the program’s success in not just Tanzania, but all over the world. More than well equipped with three plus years of experience with the CAC curriculum, he was able to mix in some of his own coaching pointers so that the 36 Geita coaches never skipped a beat.

The girls were able to pick up right where they left off, though they avoided the vegetable curry for the remainder of their stay. The last day of the program also provided a good deal of memories, as Nico was able to coordinate with the Executive Director to get his
signature on the coaches’ certificates. Upon arriving at the field for the closing ceremony, the staff was thrilled to find the group of girls they had trained in the afternoon all week hard at work with one of the program’s third-year coaches. Marisa, Emily, and Melanie were each given a beautiful blue patterned “kanga” fabric as a parting
gift, and were sad to say goodbye when the time came for the bus to

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