IMPACT Zimbabwe: Sport4Socialisation

Nov 28th, 2012:  Sport4Socialisation update:
S4S is a unique program run out of Mutare, Zimbabwe, that works with
mentally and physically disabled youth and their families. S4S was
another winner of Beyond Sport, and CAC volunteers spent two weeks in
Mutare in July, helping the organization rework their curriculum and
prepare their football team for the Paralympics. S4S has since
returned from the Danhiko Paralympic Games, where they won 3 gold, 3
silver, and a bronze medal. They have moved their office to the center
of town, where they now have their own physiotherapy clinic, and their
parent support group has expanded its services to making peanut
butter, sewing, and buying and selling firewood as additional means of
income. In addition, S4S has partnered with 2 other local
organizations to play wheelchair basketball on Saturday mornings. They
are constantly starting new initiatives, and are currently working with
Coaches Across Continents to design a new curriculum
for the coming year.

Kevin Harrington, Vas Giahos, Tim Wheaton, Emmy Wheaton, Melanie
Baskind, Brian Suskiewicz

We want to thank everyone for all their help this past year.  Coaches
Across Continents has set company records for the number of programs
assisted, number of coaches taught, number of children reached, and
number of communities and countries visited.

Your efforts have helped change lives and are continuing to improve
communities. To keep volunteers up to date on how their work continues
to impact others, we will be sending emails that highlight programs
from a specific country and their ongoing successes.

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2 Comments on “IMPACT Zimbabwe: Sport4Socialisation”

  1. Onai November 28, 2012 at 3:02 pm #

    Great stuf hey!

  2. Tim January 2, 2013 at 9:50 pm #

    Happy New Year
    Keep up the good work

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