GOAL Tanzania Heads to Arusha

July 23, 2013.  While most people took the weekend off, Standard Chartered’s GOAL training continued in Arusha, Tanzania.  After a successful training and launch of the program in Dar es Salaam last week, Coach Nico and Coach Brian traveled up country to the tourist town of Arusha.  Although it has a smaller population than the capital, 47 teachers came out which is the same number who attended last week.  The teachers were enthusiastic about their new training, with some traveling up to one hour from the nearby town of Moshi to spend the last four days with us.

IMG_4643The GOAL program was created by Coaches Across Continents and championed by Standard Chartered as a means to teach children through sport using four main topics: Be Healthy, Be Yourself, Be Empowered, and Be Money Savvy.  The teachers are now prepared to coach these games in their schools and have their students learn outside the classroom as well as inside.

IMG_4630Besides the normal antics of a CAC training, there was a lot of comaraderie as many coaches bonded with fellow Tanzanian Nico Achimpota, a CAC Community Impact Coach.  At the end of the training the local Sports Officer showed his appreciation by giving coaches Nico and Brian (as well as Standard Chartered manager Beda) our own Maasai Matavuvale (clothes).  The traditional Maasai adumu is a dance which consists of jumping, with recognition going to the person who gets highest.  Coach Brian shows that he still has it as the photo below shows!  The final training site for the Standard Chartered GOAL program will begin in Mwanza on Wednesday.

Coach Brian gest a quick jump on Nico and Beda

Coach Brian gets a quick jump on Nico and Beda

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  1. BENO EUGENE HAULE July 22, 2013 at 12:04 pm #

    big up coachesacrosscontinent

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