Peace One DAY has finally arrived!

1010923_482363941846357_574845248_nSeptember 21st, 2014:  People throughout the world today are celebrating Peace One Day. Last year Peace One Day organizers were able to spread the word and reach 280 million people on Sept. 21st. Today Coaches Across Continents partners are working to help Peace One Day on spreading that word. Through all of our partners in over 20 countries CAC is holding a Juggle Across Continents. Through this we hope to record hundreds of thousands of juggles from our partners and raise awareness about Peace One Day. There will be tournaments, celebrations, concerts, and events all over the world for this special day.

Football Foundation of South Africa will be holding a Juggle Across Continents day along with a youth boxing tournament. Groups like Goals Haiti are juggling and changing some of CAC’s HIV games to teach about different types of violence in the community for Peace One Day. Our partners throughout the world are holding many different fun days for their youth while coming together as CAC partners and juggling. All it takes is 5 minutes to teach kids about Peace One Day, and help promote Peace throughout the world today.

Stay tuned for pictures throughout the week of our partners Peace One Day events here, on our Facebook and Twitter accounts!


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