S4S and CAC Work Together for Social Inclusion

1234102_10152256744504199_1832267650_nOctober 7, 2013. Our first program in Zimbabwe began with a week of fun for a partnership that has a huge impact on children in Mutare, Zimbabwe between Coaches Across Continents and Sports 4 Socialization (S4S). The Coaches Across Continents volunteer group was led by Sophie Legros.  Jon Dickinson, Becca Meierbachtol and Danielle Foxhoven were the volunteer coaches, all on their first trips with CAC. The program ran 3 days in Mutare with about 30 women and 5 men community leaders attending the weeks sessions. S4S works with children with any disability to provide them with physiotherapy, physical education, support, mentorship and a place to
play sports with other children (disabled or fully abled)!

Despite the heat of the mornings and the 3 hour long training sessions
the women were in high spirits and laughter everyday! Eager to learn
more games and lessons for the kids they coach and teach they brought
their best efforts in every game played. In fact women were diving on
the ground, sliding and not afraid to get dirty.

By the end of the week the women were confident with their new lessons
as the volunteer coaches watched them coach the games back to the
group displaying their adaptations to the games for the children’s
disabilities that they teach.

On the mornings and afternoons when the volunteer coaches were not on
the field with the community leaders they were helping the wonderful
S4S staff with their on field duties at each of the 6 primary schools
they work at. Overall the week was a success and both our CAC coaches and S4S coaches came away better and more knowledgeable and equipped!


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One Comment on “S4S and CAC Work Together for Social Inclusion”

  1. George Jojo October 8, 2013 at 11:20 am #

    WELLDONE CAC…….what a good show you put up!!!!

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