CAC support the film ‘The Beautiful Game’

1236531_523616021054482_510307389_nOctober 30th 2013. Coaches Across Continents are a supporting partner of The Beautiful Game, an inspiring film about the impact soccer has had on women in South Africa. This film tracks the lives of young women who play for City Lads Ladies and believe that the sport can liberate women throughout the world. The women have become a family as they battle gender norms, homophobia and discrimination.  The film, released in the near future, will highlight soccer’s influence on human rights and its ability to empower communities to change their social environment.

Three professional soccer players- Andre Akpan, Joanna Lohman and Qiana Martin- are ambassadors and have endorsed the film. The executive producers are Wilder Knight who won an Oscar as part of ‘The Cove’ and Sam Pollard who produced Emmy nominated documentaries such as ‘Four Little Girls’. Therefore the film is expected to garner significant media attention which will help to demonstrate the power of soccer to a wide audience.

b334fca098582c4ba9c7b72a624d6a7b_largeCoaches Across Continents work in South Africa and devote a great proportion of the award winning Hat-Trick initiative curriculum to highlighting gender equity and female empowerment. Furthermore, our evidence which suggest soccer can have a significant impact on addressing social inequalities means that the film is an ideal fit for our strategy. We are very pleased to be included as a partner of this film and would really appreciate it if you could check out the film at the link below and spread awareness of the great potential for soccer to impact positively on human rights globally.

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