AJ Millet


is an On Field Coach for Coaches Across Continents and is a graduate of Harvard University.  She has been playing soccer since she was a kid, and has been a goalkeeper for almost as long.  Though too many years of throwing her body around have forced her into an early soccer retirement, she still very much enjoys working with coaches and kids. Her first trip for CAC was as a volunteer coach in June 2011, when she traveled to South Africa and Namibia with Nick Gates, Brian Suskiewicz, Dean Conway, and Alicia Johnson.  The experience was challenging, rewarding, eye-opening, and tons of fun, and she’s excited to be back on the CAC team for Kenya, 2013.  Her favorite CAC curriculum game is Scary Soccer, and she’s been known to get pretty invested in it when she plays.  AJ is originally from Westford, Massachusetts, and when she isn’t on the field, she’s probably hanging out with family and friends, reading, or taking a nap.  She would rather have more interesting hobbies like sky-diving, shark-battling, or ninja fighting.

She can be reached at amillet@coachesacrosscontinents.org.

Five Football Facts with AJ:

1. Favorite Team – Namibia national team (saw one game and I was hooked!)

2. Favorite Player – Tim Howard or Petr Cech

3. Favorite Coach – Tony Dicicco (I was obsessed with the US women’s national team in ’99)

4. Favorite Movie – Bridesmaids

5. Who will win the WC in 2014 (men) and 2015 (women)? – Spain (men) and USA (women)

Why I enjoy working with CAC?” I love being able to see new places, meet new people, and use the game I love to spread meaningful change. Also, the other people that I work with are all huge goofballs, which makes working with CAC a ton of fun. “

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