Caroline Kutler

IMG_0738is joining the CAC team this year.  She graduated from Harvard in 2011 and is assisting with Coaches Across Continent’s On and Off the Field Social Media strategy. Upon graduation, she started working for Burson-Marsteller where she managed the social media strategy for multiple clients. A four-year member of the Crimson, Caroline was first introduced to Coaches Across Continents as a sophomore and loves using her social media experience to help expand CAC’s reach and share the incredible work they are doing. Caroline currently lives in New York City and works for ESPN.

She can be reached at:

Five Football Facts with Caroline:

1. Favorite Team – Manchester United

2. Favorite Player – Rafael, Dani Alves, Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos… its tough to pick just one!

3. Favorite Coach – Sir Alex, the boss

4. Favorite Movie – The Little Mermaid

5. Who will win the WC in 2014 (men) and 2015 (women)? –  Germany (someone needs to dethrone Spain) and USA

Why I enjoy working with CAC? – “I am so inspired by all the people who I work with at CAC and how dedicated they are to creating real change across the world.  It’s such an incredible experience to be using the game I love to help make a difference.”

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