Emily Lambert

is our On Field Coach and Community Partner Strategist who is based in Accra Ghana. Growing up in the small town of Guerneville, California Emily graduated from the University of Hawaii, Hilo where she played soccer and studied Agroecology. With a fascination for Africa since a young age  she traveled to Ghana while in University hoping to help with sustainable agriculture in harsh environments. Little did she know she would move back to Ghana after graduation and be working in soccer, the game that captured her heart at a young age. She loves coaching and working throughout new communities in Africa.

She can be reached at elambert@coachesacrosscontinents.org.

Five Football Facts with Emily:

1. Favorite Team – Barcelona

2. Favorite Player – Sisleide do Amor Lima (Sissi)

3. Favorite Coach – My dad Frank Lambert, taught me the true qualities of a coach.

4. Favorite Movie – Goonies

5. Who will win the WC in 2014 (men) and 2015 (women)? – 2014 Brazil + 2015 United States!

Why I enjoy working with CAC? –  “Traveling around Africa shows you the harsh realities of life but nothing in the world beats the sound of laughter to lift you up. Every CAC training I have attended has been filled with laughter, football, and smiles…nothing feels better than knowing you can make someone smile through a game of football. I love that I see smiles and hear laughter roaring during every coaching session of work!”

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