Sophie Legros

535400_428811837201568_344463349_nis an On Field Coach and is also in charge of Coaches Across Continents Monitoring & Evaluation/On Line Curriculum Development.

Born to French and American parents, Sophie grew up in Brussels, Belgium where her soccer experience began on all-boys’ teams. She played Division I soccer in Belgium and in France and internationally on the national youth teams of both countries. Sophie attended Harvard, to play soccer and study philosophy and mathematics. Following her desire to work in Africa for as long as she can remember, Sophie first traveled with CAC to Malawi in 2009 and has coached on the field for CAC every year since. She is currently based in Toulouse, France where she is using football for social impact with the homeless population and with young girls living in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

She can be reached at

Five Football Facts with Sophie:

1. Favorite Team – Barcelona

2. Favorite Player – Zidane

3. Favorite Coach – Aimé Jacquet

4. Favorite Movie – Good Will Hunting and the Dark Knight

5. Who will win the WC in 2014 (men) and 2015 (women)? – Argentina (men), France (women)

Why I enjoy working with CAC?What I value most about working with CAC is being able to meet local partners and coaches and to provide support for their year-round work in their communities. I am also inspired by the strength and resilience of many of the women I encounter. When I look back through pictures of my summers working with CAC, they are filled with curious children, amazing scenery, captivated faces, smiles and laughter. I am still amazed at the power soccer has to transcend language or cultures and to connect people.”

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