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  1. Michael Odartey Lamptey January 17, 2013 at 8:06 am #

    Please can you send me update of your service, thank you very much.

  2. Hugo Florez Clavijo February 22, 2013 at 1:49 pm #

    Please can you send me update of your service, thank you very much.

    Constructors of Peace of Colombia (Constructores de Paz de Colombia), was born in 1998, out of the ideas and efforts of Gerson Andrés Flórez Pérez, an 11 years old child, nominated two times for the Nobel Peace Prize and winner of the Global Prize for Peace and Tolerance, received in the seat of the UN in New York. Today the International Relations Director of Constructors of Peace, Gerson wrote a peace proposal and composed the lyrics of a song that gave name to the foundation. His work and development was morally supported by a Norwegian organization (World Voices Norway) and financed in part with funds from the Ministry of Foreign Relation of this Nordic country.
    After various invitations to Norway to dissert as a lecturer on the theme of children within the Colombian armed conflict, Gerson Andrés and Gert Danielsen, Director of World Voices Norway, contacted the Norwegian singer Stig Van Eijk, who voluntarily collaborated with the project and lent his voice to interpret the song.
    In 2007 an alliance was created with Liduine Zumpolle, Director of Dutch origin of the movement “Manos por la paz Internacional” (Hands for Peace International), seeking to change the violence situation in Colombia in a positive way, particularly through generating opportunities in sports, culture and non-formal education. These will serve as means of prevention against the forced recruitment of children and youngsters in the poorest parts of Bogotá and other municipalities in the country, the forced displacement and the poverty in which minors find themselves.
    Mid 2008, Gerson Andrés received a new invitation to travel to Oslo, Norway, through various friends of human right organizations, to lecture on the theme of children within the Colombian armed conflict. It was there that the organizators of the international youth football event named Norway Cup, with the support of Mr Perv Omdal, President of the Norwegian Football Association, invited 26 Colombian youngsters, of the most vulnerable population (affected by the forced displacement and the extreme poverty) to participate in the tournament in 2009, with coverage of expenses like hotel, food, local transport, museum visits and tours.


    The armed conflict in Colombia has generated approximately 3.551.106 displaced persons in the country itself (Accion Social, Sep 30 2010). These people settle in the peripheries of the principal cities, in the search for opportunities to continue their lives. This reality manifests itself in the residents of the localities of USME, Rafael Uribe and Ciudad Bolivar, which know high indexes of insecurity, intrafamiliar violence, sexual abuse and violence, high school drop-outs and poverty. These factors affect in a direct way the children and youngsters who are an easy target for the armed groups and criminal organizations.
    The lack of work opportunities and of alternatives to use free time can be added to the list of problems that concern the juvenile population. These problems have created room for the movement of hooligan groups and of mobs and hoods, dedicated to robbery and the consumption of psycho-active substances.

    Because of this, USAID, through the program «Atención a Niños y Niñas Desvinculados y en Riesgo de reclutamiento» of the OIM, which seeks to prevent the recruitment of children and youngsters by the illegal groups and helps to guarantee the rights of the children toward social inclusion and adaptation, proposes to support the corporation Constructors of Peace (COP) of Colombia. This way the culture of the legitimate can be reinforced, the tolerance between football supporter groups is promoted and this in turn allows healthy spaces to be created, of participation, of construction of collective places of development, of empowering the youth and articulation of the service network that all contribute to the restitution of rights.

    The Corporation has directed its actions in three programs: “Give me an opportunity” (Football School), “Scholarships for a better future” and “Let´s go to the Cup”. Each program relies on two transversal axis: psychosocial coaching and health. Next, these different programs will be specified.

    “Give me an opportunity”

    A Football School that seeks to generate sport and cultural opportunities for boys, girls and youngsters in conditions of extreme poverty and forced displacement caused by the armed conflict. Its goal is to offer alternatives for the use of spare time, prevent drug addiction in a assertive way, as well as the creation of youth mobs and/or hooligan gangs, pregnancies of minors, juvenile delinquency, suicide and the recruiting and abuse of youth in the armed conflict.

    To select the children and youngsters that participate in the School, a process of open convocatory is created in Bogotá (USME, Rafael Uribe and Ciudad Bolivar) and other Colombian municipalities. Later, different tests are applied by the group of professional volunteers in the areas of physical-technical training, psychology etc., and a general group is selected based on the characterics of each child and/or youngster, to define a preselection of 150 (including girls), with which we work for a period of four months, from August until December each year.

    The beneficiaries are children and youngsters between 8 and 18 years of age, principally from the localities mentioned above. These are divided in the following manner: young children, pre-youth and youth for males and a category for females (14 to 18 years). The process that is started in sports conditioning and speed is realized along these categories.

    For the future, a sports and cultural headquarters is planned, where the different activities can be undertaken that will allow a sustainable execution of the true spirit of the project.

    “Let’s go to the Cup”

    The attendance of international tournaments has allowed the corporation to understand that the participation of the boys, girls and youth is a process of social inclusion, that seeks to change realities, thought patterns and projects of life, not only of the ones that travel but also of those who have the opportunity to share with these youngsters and thus to get to know a bit of Colombia. “Let´s go to the Cup” is not about just playing football, it is being an ambassador of a culture, it is team participation and the possibility to amplify one´s view or perspectives toward the construction of a project of life.

    The youth that participate in the different Cups (Norway Cup, Gothia Cup and Querétaro Cup) pass first through a final selection process. In the end of March each year, the names and legal documentation of the selected participants are sent for the inscription of the corresponding event. The delegation travels to Norway, Sweden and or Mexico in the months of March/April and July of each year.

    “Let´s go to the Cup” has received support for the acquisition of the travel tickets, visa costs and transport through different contributors such as Liduine Zumpolle, Director of the movement “Manos por la Paz Internacional”.

    “Scholarships for a better future”

    Giving wings to the dreams of the boys, girls and youngsters is not only done by empowering them, but also by giving them real options. Many of the youngsters that travel to the different Cups realize that the latter is achieved through football and their efforts, but that which will bring them to sustain their project of life is a formative process. Many of the participants in COP Colombia do not have the resources to pay for any higher education studies. That is why through this program it is aimed to help the children and youth with their maintenance, materials and/or the enrollment fee.

    Interdisciplinary Theme

    A main objective is converting the boys, girls and youngsters into actors of peace and leaders within their own communities, facing the grave calamities that Colombian society is confronting, improving their social environment and helping them in the development of their own life project. Therefore workshops and/or activities are realized regarding peace culture, conflict solving, sexual and reproductive health and forgiveness and reconciliation. Additionally, with the objective of continuity, these are shaped by constructing and generating sustainability conditions through the management and articulation of the institutional networks.


    Offering spaces for beneficial use of spare time to Bogotan boys, girls and youngsters, through sport and cultural areas, to construct collective development and empowering settings that contribute to the restitution of rights, their life projects and the prevention of their recruitment.


    1. Developing and applying a methodological proposal for the School framed within the adequate use of free time, in the programs of «Give me an Opportunity» and «Lets go to the Cup»;
    2. Developing a proposal of psycho-social guidance that allows the construction of pedogical and health activities;
    3. Identifying actions of financial support to offer help in higher education and school continuance;
    4. Guaranteeing technical and administrative sustainability conditions, which allow continuing the intervention processes.

  3. latarki March 31, 2013 at 10:18 am #

    I have several question for you, compose to people I don’t e-mail

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