Equipment Across Continents

EQUIPMENT ACROSS CONTINENTSHelp bring the world’s game to the rest of the world

Equipment Across Continents is a resource of Coaches Across Continents set up to bring affordable equipment to anyone who needs it. We help nonprofits, organizations or individuals get affordable new soccer equipment. Every purchase you make from Equipment Across Continents helps send shipments of equipment to Coaches Across Continents programming around the world.

The way it works:

1) Contact Dani (at with a list of soccer equipment you would like to purchase.

2) Get a quote for the equipment you would like to purchase and pay through Paypal.

3) Receive your new gear to outfit your team, kids or organization.

4) Feel good because your purchase brought new gear and social development to children in one Coaches Across Continents program.

Screen shot 2013-03-28 at 12.04.07 PM

Equipment Across Continents also works with eBay Giving Works to auction both collectible soccer memorabilia and new soccer equipment.

You can also visit our eBay Giving Works page to sell items or make a financial donation.

Albertsen Reversible jersey and short

To see what Equipment Across Continents is auctioning now, visit our eBay Giving Works Page.

You can also help organize an equipment donation collection in your local community to help expand our inventory of gear to go to Coaches Across Continents. There is always a dire need for clothes, shoes, uniforms and balls around the world… you can help us meet that need by organizing a donation pickup.

Finn.Oskar jacket and pant

For any other questions, comments or needs please contact Dani at

One Comment on “Equipment Across Continents”

  1. BENO EUGENE HAULE August 18, 2013 at 11:31 am #

    were in need of this equipments for school kids and second school.i work at kilindi district.please take us in your program.

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