Teams – Juggles Across Continents

CAC is proud to announce a brand-new initiative for 2013, Juggles Across Continents.  This program is something that all of our partner programs are participating in around the world.  By the end of the year, we would like to get 1,000,000 juggles!  For this to happen we need your help!  Both individuals and teams can participate.   Here is how to get involved:

1. Every participant gets three efforts.  Add together your three efforts (9+21+20 = 50!).  For a team total, make sure to include every individual!

2. Contact to let her know your individual or team total.

3. Make your donation at our secure sites to make your total count.  $33 per individual or $333 for a team.new1

Click Here for our USA donation site

Click Here for our UK donation site

4. Check back to see your score added to the total and watch our progress towards 1,000,000 juggles!

That’s it!  By practicing football (and juggling) – you are joining with other players all over the world to help a great organization like Coaches Across Continents and create lasting social change through soccer!

"5-goal Bill" juggles his way around Uganda!

“5-goal Bill” juggles his way around Uganda!

Join These Groups Who Have Already Participated!

Destra   Girls 721 GOALS Haiti
Chatile Girls 1,234 GOALS Haiti
Bossan girls 332 GOALS Haiti
CFC girls 4,083 GOALS Haiti
Chatile boys 3,334 GOALS Haiti
Bossan boys 2,025 GOALS Haiti
destra boys   +others 7,112 GOALS Haiti
CFC boys 422 GOALS Haiti
Colombianitos Colombianitos
Liberia Coaches
with Pappie Jones
8,223 Soccer   Ambassadorsfor Christ
Ghana FA Accra   Coaches 15,824 Standard Chartered   Ghana
Ghana FA   Kumasi Coaches 8,151 Standard Chartered   Ghana
Play Soccer   Ghana 5,590 Play Soccer Ghana
Soccer   Ambassadors for Christ Boys team 2,500 Soccer   Ambassadorsfor Christ
Pemba Coaches 15,485 Zanzibar
Unguja 6,711 Zanzibar
United Actionfor Children 2,837 Buea, Cameroon
United Actionfor Children 2,304 Mamfe, Cameroon
KSEM 1,324 Uganda
Abato 2,187 Uganda
Buwaya Uganda 1,340 Uganda
Special   Olympics Namibia 5,118 Namibia
Rehobeth   Coaches 2,334 Namibia
Vijana Amani   Pamoja 16,455 Nairobi, Kenya
HODI 4,500 Marsabit, Kenya
Sadili Oval 7,260 Nairobi, Kenya
LCFL 21,010 Likoni, Kenya
KESOFO 3,001 Eldoret, Kenya
TYSA Kitale, Kenya
Acer 2,607 Brazil
Dar es Salaam   Teachers and Coaches 2,223 Standard Chartered   Tanzania
Arusha   Teachers and Coaches 3,245 Standard Chartered   Tanzania
Mwanza   Teachers and Coaches 3,654 Standard Chartered   Tanzania
Kigoma   Teachers 4,881 Tanzania
EMSYK        4,255  Papua New Guinea
Peace One Day 117,484  WORLD
 Njombe 3,001  Tanzania
 Chamwino  2,965  Tanzania
Total 296,732
Goal 1,000,000
Percentage to Goal? 29.67%

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