CAC Internship

CAC Internship
Have you ever wanted to travel the world off the beaten track, engage with the locals, and make a huge impact on people’s lives while taking a life-changing adventure? Do you want to gain expertise for your future, enhance your leadership skills while challenging yourself, and boosting your resume? Coaches Across Continents can help you do all of this!

Apply Today! Internship Application 2014

CAC is now offering a position for under-grad and post-grad students who are eager to gain knowledge and make a difference throughout the world while still in college. This unique opportunity will teach you the skills you need and real world experience for your CV development. You will be involved in marketing, strategist planning, fundraising and volunteer recruitment. You will be working directly with CAC senior staff management and will have the chance to gain valuable internship.

Benefits from being a CAC Intern
Coaches Across Continents works in over 18 countries worldwide working with over 45 different partners ranging from former child soldiers to the children in the slums of India. Working within an organization like CAC is very unique, as we work with such a wide range of communities and people you would be able to gain the life skills needed for any type of job.
• Public speaking
• Project Management
• International work experience
• Adaptability
• Leadership
These are only a few skills of many you will gain from being a CAC Intern.

Requirements/ How to get involved
As a CAC Intern you will be heading marketing, recruitment, fundraising, strategist planning and be our go to person for our link to universities. If you are interested in getting involved and learning more about our Internships please contact Brian Suskiewicz at or Emily Lambert at

Coaches Across Continents in Uganda

Coaches Across Continents in Uganda

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  1. muwanga herbat May 16, 2014 at 10:27 am #

    hello i whould like to thank you guys for the great work your doing its so good

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