Volunteer App & FAQ

Naz 2012 dCoaches Across Continents is always looking for great people to volunteer throughout the year.  Please complete the Volunteer Coach Application 2014 to be considered.  Our volunteers are some of the best in the world, and get to experience new cultures while creating long-lasting, locally-sustainable change in developing communities.

For more information on volunteering, please contact brian@coachesacrosscontinents.org.  We look forward to hearing from you today!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much money am I required to fundraise?

A: Every volunteer must do their best with fundraising.  The minimum requirement is $1,500.  The target goal is twice your anticipated cost of your trip (flights/lodging/visas).  No matter what, 50% of what you fundraise can be used to off-set your travel costs (see below).  If you are able to reach your goal then in our experience you will cover all your travel expenses and lodging.

Q: What does the fundraising money support?

A: Your fundraising money support two main areas.  First are the costs associated with running the program you are volunteering with.  Second is the 50% you are eligible for reimbursement for your own costs (flights, lodging, visas).

Q: Where will I be working?

A: Once accepted, we will place you with a group of volunteer and CAC staff members at locations that match your availability.  We run programs throughout the calendar year – so whenever you are available we will have a location for you!  For a rough idea, check out our calendar page.

Q: What is lodging like?

A: We are housed at the advice of our local implementing partners.  Oftentimes this means hostel-style living, athough we sometimes stay in guest houses or with their coaches free of cost.  We advise our volunteers to budget $20 per evening for lodging, which is reimbursable depending on your fundraising.

Q: Will there be food?

A: There is lots of food, although it varies from traditional western food in the more rural locations.  In the cities you can expect to find just about anything.  Rurally you will be eating some sort of starch (maize, potato, or cassava-based), meat (generally chicken) and local vegetables.  We recommend bottled water at any location.  One of the best things about traveling is experiencing the local fare.

Q: How long should I plan on volunteering?

A: That is completely up to you.  The minimum time on the ground is two weeks, but we have found that the best experiences are for the volunteers that commit from 1-2 months.  In any given year we have about 50% of our coaches returning for a second or third tour of duty.

Q: How many coaches will we have at a site?

A: Typically we have 2-4 coaches at each location.  We make certain to match our coaches carefully, so that we have a combination of experienced/inexperienced coaches, experienced/inexperienced travelers, male/female role models, and personalities that will get along.

Q: What about traveling and sight-seeing?

A: We encourage all of our volunteers to see the local areas.  Our volunteers have done safaris, bungee jumping, shark-cage diving, Victoria Falls, scuba diving, hikes, beaches, etc. etc.  Many volunteers will take a week on their own at the end of their volunteering to pursue these options.  During our volunteering, it is typical to have only one or two days off per week and the weekend which also might be used for travel between two locations.  Our coaches always find a way to experience the local sites before, during or after their travel!


2 Comments on “Volunteer App & FAQ”

  1. Florence Reeves March 3, 2014 at 7:51 pm #

    i really love this website because its all about volunteering for people who in needs so i will love to join the volunteer team.


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