Standard Chartered Bank and the GOAL On Field Program

The GOAL ProgramThe GOAL curriculum was created by Standard Chartered and other development groups to empower young female adolescents by teaching them skills relating to financial literacy, communication, rights, responsibilities and health. The curriculum includes interactive classroom activities but also focuses on the importance of sport activities and the sports environment in female youth’s lives. CAC was approached to develop the On Field GOAL program to complement the curriculum, so that girls could also learn life skills through football.


The current GOAL On Field curriculum includes 20 games divided into four modules: Be Yourself, Be Empowered, Be Healthy and Be Money Savvy. Each GOAL game is competitive and fun, practices important life skills and includes the story of a female athlete role model. The role models are chosen from around the world and their stories give young girls a greater perspective of the opportunities that exist for females worldwide.

Women Win is an instrumental player in the GOAL partnership as they are the group that helps to deliver the GOAL curriculum. The GOAL On Field curriculum is delivered to coaches and teachers of young female participants as an “educate the educator approach”, consistent with CAC’s approach to football for social development. In this approach the games are used to teach the life skills and the coaches are educated on how to create a strong learning environment for the youth on the field.

The combination of classroom activities and on the field skills will help address local issues facing female youth worldwide. For example, GOAL in classroom activities focuses on teaching the participants ways to effectively communicate. The GOAL On Field Program includes games that create opportunities on the field where participants have to take what they learned about effectively communicating and put it into practice by using their voice, communicating with others and communicating their decisions.


The GOAL On Field Program aims to reach 10,000 youth this year! Currently, the partnership between CAC and Standard Chartered Bank is operating in four countries: Ghana, Indonesia, India and Tanzania.

You can learn more by reading our blogs: about the financial literacy aspect of the partnership with Standard Chartered Bank and about the GOAL On Field Pilot Program with HODI, in Kenya: part 1 and part 2 . Or by watching the video below about the GOAL  Program!


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