“ISF has long wanted to build the capacity of our coaching team so that we can improve on the delivery of our already successful grassroots programme. In only 2 weeks, our coaches have learned not only a variety of new skills and games that teach social messages they can use to impact the players we work with but they have also learned how to train other coaches so the impact can have a far wider reach. Although our partnership is only in it’s infancy, it’s clear to see that already CAC has made a phenomenal difference to ISF’s programmes. Given that both CAC and ISF share the philosophy of having lots of fun while making a difference, ISF looks forward to the rest of our 3 year partnership.” – Kate Griffin Country Manager ISF

“I coached football but I was not using football.” – Sopheak Makara ISF Coach

Coaches Across Continents Impact Numbers

2013 2014 2015
Coaches Taught  72
Children Impacted  5,100
In Community Hours  672

1240655_515514328531318_1841564592_nCoaches Across Continents worked in Cambodia for the first time in 2013 with the amazing organization Indochina Starfish (ISF). Indochina Starfish is a charity that works throughout Cambodia helping disadvantaged children giving opportunities for children to gain access to education, health and football. They believe that each person can make a difference in the world one child at a time.

The football programme at ISF coaches boys and girls across Cambodia working closely with other NGO’s and Community Organizations. The children compete in a league 6 months out of the year, and play in two annual tournaments. ISF not only focus directly on the children in the programmes, but they also work with their coaches who are in charge of all football teams. They help build leadership, and help their coaches gain licenses in Cambodia to further their coaching experiences. ISF are leaders in Cambodia for using sport to educate youth about alcohol, gambling, drugs, gender equality, domestic violence and human trafficking. Coaches Across Continents are very excited to start working with ISF, dates working in Cambodia are to be decided.

For more information on IndoChina Starfish, please visit their website at:


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