African Volunteer Football Academy for the Less Priveledged (AVFAL)

I’m very happy and overwhelmed with the CAC group because this group has come to Cameroon, tried to help with guidance for younger children and parents, and to educate and groom their children to be better people in the future.  This same group has come with ideas like the social vices like HIV/AIDS, how to protect your environment, and other educative lessons that are beneficial for the upcoming age groups.”

– Jean Lucas Bikoko, Country Director and Coach, AVFAL

Coaches Across Continents Impact Numbers

2012 2013 2014
Coaches Taught 33  25
Children Impacted 860  2,141
In Community Hours 672  336

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACoaches Across Continents works with the African Volunteer Football Academy for the Less Priveledged (AVFAL) in Limbe,  Cameroon.  This is a coastal community which relies heavily on fishing and small trade.  AVFAL uses football to inspire and empower a new generation of youths to act for a meaningful social change.  They do this through football training and using football-based games to address important local social issues, most notably HIV/AIDS.  Their head trainer, Jean-Lucas Bikoko has grown up in Limbe and is now using his position in the community to improve the lives of children around him.

AVFAL Cameroon

Coaches Across Continents focused in the first year of training in implementing a curricuum for AVFAL that uses soccer games to address their particular needs.  AVFAL has a great basis in their football training but is looking to expand in their use of football to teach valuable lessons while on the field.  They see football as a powerful tool as the children in Cameroon play constantly.  CAC is also focusing on increasing AVFALs presence with the young girls within the community are are hopeful that their numbers at training and numbers of teams will increase with continued effort.

For more information on AVFAL, please click here.

For past CAC blogs please click, here. 2013,

Christina Hagner (CAC) poses with some of the AVFAL soccer players

Christina Hagner (CAC) poses with some of the AVFAL soccer players

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