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Coaches Across Continents is pleased to announce our partnership that will begin in June, 2013 with Delta Cultura.  Delta Cultura is an NGO that operates in Vila do Tarrafal, Ilha Santiag in Cape Verde.  They believe in the power of education as a basis for a better future, while also advocating for people and cultural  exchange.

Later this year (and hopefully prior to our first visit to Cape Verde) will see the completion of a FIFA Football For Hope Center that will be operated by Delta Cultura.  The additional facility will alllow for continued training of future football players (Cape Verde qualified for the African Cup of Nations Finals in 2013) as well as continuing their mission of education while on the football field.

Delta Cultura sees education as an umbrella term for: creativity, free personality development, perception of happiness, communication, awareness for historicity, responsibility for oneself and others, ability for judgment and critique, ability for compromises and peace, general knowledge.

CAC is looking forward to the first year of our Hat Trick initiative with our fellow Street Football World partner.  We are looking to continue their mission of education and to work alongside Delta Cultura to continue this education on the football pitch.  For more information on Delta Cultura, please visit their website at:

kids playing football in Cape Verde with Delta Cultura

kids playing football in Cape Verde with Delta Cultura

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