Coaches Across Continents Impact Numbers

2012 2013 2014
Coaches Taught 16  35
Children Impacted 1,200  10,000
In Community Hours 228  336

We have just finished the second year of our Hat Trick initiative with Colombianitos.  They are an international nonprofit organization bringing new hope for a better future to thousands of children who are victims of the armed conflict, forced displacement and, consequently, a life of absolute poverty in Colombia.  Located in Puerto Tejada (near Cali) Colombianitos is working towards peace in a troubled community that is still dealing with armed gangs and drug lords fighting over territory.  Armed conflict is a reality in the neighborhoods and with the children they work with on a daily basis.

Colombianitos is also the only program where our coaches must teach in fluent Spanish.  Fortunately for Nick (who does not speak Spanish), soccer is an international language which can be understood by everyone.  He has been helped by other Spanish speaking CAC coaches to help deliver our messages, especially for conflict resolution and health & wellness.

In February 2013, during our second year of training, Colombianitos in conjunction with Street Football World invited five other NGO partnerships to participate in this free educational training.  In total three dozen coaches from all over Colombia participated in the week-long training.  Most have already expressed a strong desire to continue the CAC curriculum in their organizations and cannot wait for next year’s training to occur.

For more on Colombianitos, please visit their website at:

For past CAC Blogs on Colombianitos, please click here: 2013

Colombianitos reaches thousands of kids in Colombia

Colombianitos reaches thousands of kids in Colombia

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