Coaches Across Continents is proud to work with three wonderful organizations in Ghana. We are able to work with Orphan Aid, Play Soccer Ghana, and Youth Icons.  For more information on any of these organizations please click on their logo.

OrphanAid Ghana is an organization who reaches out to vulnerable children and their families to help with a better future. The goal of OrphanAid is to help reunify children and their families who are seperated due to poverty, HIV/AIDS and rural – to – urban migration. They help support the vulnerable children in orphans through programs in Care Reform, family support, education, and development.

Play Soccer Ghana is an organization that uses a year-round curriculum to focus on social skills. They use football to promote these social skills and work in over six countries across Africa. They focus mainly on health, fair play, peaceful solutions, HIV/AIDS, malaria prevention, good nutrition, hygiene and clean water. Their programs run weekly sessions that are based on a 48-week program. They train youth and young adults to run their programs throughout Africa.

Youth Icons is an organization based out of Accra the capital of Ghana. They work directly with youth empowering and bringing opportunities for the next generation of Ghana. Their goal is to show the youth that they can make a difference in their country and their future is in their hands. They work on inspiring the youth, and opening their eyes to get them ready for the obstacles they may come across in everyday life.

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