Orphanaid Africa

Coaches Across Continents Impact Numbers

2012 2013 2014
Coaches Taught 2  3
Children Impacted 150  156
In Community Hours 896  448

Orphanaid Africa is an organization based an hour outside of Accra, Ghana. Orphanaid helps orphans and vulnerable children throughout Ghana aiming to give them a better future. They create programs for children in Care Reform, family support, education, and development. Their goal is to help children throughout Ghana grow up in safe and permanent family settings with appropriate care and protection. 

Many children in Ghana who are in orphanages are not really orphans but because of harsh environments, burden of poverty, disease and lack of social protection families send them to “orphanages” to ensure their children have food and education. Orphanaid works with these children and opens many more opportunities to them through their programs.

Orphanaid is also a partner of Laureus and has worked with Coaches Across Continents for two years and will continue partnering this year. They are now starting training in the GOAL curriculum of CAC where they are now implementing it in their schools.

To go directly to Orphanaid Africa please, click here.

For past CAC blogs on Orphanaid, please click here: 2012

Orphanaid celebrating HIV/AIDS day 2012

Orphanaid celebrating HIV/AIDS day 2012

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