Standard Chartered Bank Ghana

“We aim to give something back to the communities we operate in. One of the ways we do this is by sponsoring inspirational people, projects and events.”- Standard Chartered Bank

Coaches Across Continents Impact Numbers

2011 2012 2013
Coaches Taught 120  234  222
Children Impacted 10,000  17,150  13,347
In Community Hours 960  2,940  896

Coaches Across Continents works with Standard Chartered Bank in Ghana as one of our corporate sponsors.  Standard Chartered Bank gives back to the communities throughout Ghana by sponsoring and volunteering in communities that need support.

Through Standard Chartered Bank we are able to educate girls in Ghana, empowering them through sport. We implement an amazing GOAL curriculum in Ghana that focuses on financial literacy, being yourself, being empowered, and being healthy. Through this curriculum made for Standard Chartered Bank we have been able to implement it throughout Ghana and make a huge impact in communities we have worked in.

With the sponsorhip from Standard Chartered Bank, Coaches Across Continents was able to impact over 30,000 children throughout Ghana. It is unique partnering with Standard Chartered Bank as we impact children all throughout Ghana ranging from Tamale in the north to  Accra the capital of Ghana. Standard Chartered Bank has helped CAC’s curriculum reach children, teachers, and coaches throughout the whole country. We thank Standard Chartered for their support of CAC, and making such a huge impact in Ghana!!


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