I was astounded about the changes we saw in our local coaches and coordinators over the course of two weeks. Their confidence, skills and effectiveness grew by leaps and bounds. Coaches Across Continents made a fundamental difference in how our GOALS coaches work with our players and integrate social issues into daily practice.

Kona Shen – Executive Director

Coaches Across Continents Impact Numbers

2013 2014 2015
Coaches Taught 18
Children Impacted 600
In Community Hours 672
Coaches line up for a quick game of "Scary Soccer"

Coaches line up for a quick game of “Scary Soccer”

The first program for Coaches Across Continents in 2013 was also our first in the Caribbean as we partnered with GOALS Haiti.  Their mission is to use soccer to engage youth in community work and education that improves quality of life and develops new leadership.  This island nation, still recovering from the earthquake in 2010, is a beautiful place for the beautiful game.The GOALS Haiti objective is to have youth contribute to their community while playing soccer and having fun!  Each week (and each day), participating children are engaged in soccer, education, community service, and local capacity development.  During our first few days of training some of these issues were seen as indivisible and seperate entities onto themselves.  However by the end of the first week, the coaches saw that the lessons they were already teaching off the field could also be incorporated onto the field.  And best of all, the children enjoyed it immensely as they were able to play even more soccer than before, while still learning.

GOALS Haiti has taken it upon themselves to already begin incorporating the CAC curriculum every Thursday on the soccer field.  This 24 week curriculum that CAC provided (and that we provide to every one of our partners) is a guideline that they can choose to follow to supplement their already oustanding programs.  We are thrilled that our first year partnership went so well, and cannot wait to return to Haiti in early 2014.

For more information on GOALS Haiti, please visit their website at: http://goalshaiti.org/

For past CAC blogs on GOALS Haiti, please click here: 2013

CAC coaches arriving at the field in Haiti

CAC coaches arriving at the field in Haiti

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