In 2011 Coaches Across Continents branched out from the continent of Africa and began working in India.  We are thrilled to have three exceptional partners in India, all of whom are focusing on different issues through football.  India is an extremely diverse country geographically and the varying social issues show this.  Click on a partner to learn more in depth of our relationship with them!

goalNaz Goal India operates in three locations of Mumbai, Chennai, and New Delhi.  This GOAL program uses netball and life skills education to transform the lives of young underprivileged girls in India, on and off the court.  In 2012 Coaches Across Continents paired with Naz Goal India to work on both netball and football skills.  Click here to read more about our work with Naz Goal India.

Project Green Hands is located in the southern part of the country, closest to the city of Coimbatore. Project Greenhands won the Beyond Sport Award for Sport for the Environment Award category. Using football, they are able to approach nearly 600 schools in a calendar year to educate students about changes in the environment (especially deforestation) and make changes in their lifestyles. Click here to read more about Project Green Hands.

Slum SoccerSlum Soccer is based in Nagpur, India, which is the geographical center of the country.  They target social issues associated with homelessness, including drugs and alcohol abuse among the young as well as physical and sexual abuse which is most notable among homeless woman and girls.  Slum Soccer provides a safe environment for their kids and coaches and allows them room to grow into positions within society.  Click here to read more about Slum Soccer.


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