Rumah Cemara

“Humans cannot create a miracle but humans can experience miracles through football.  Drug users and HIV positive people in Indonesia are excluded and outcasts, but through football we have become one and included into the community. Football has brought everyone together in Bandung, it is an amazing site to see.” Ginan Koesmayadi – Co-Founder Rumah Cemara

Coaches Across Continents Impact Numbers

2012 2013 2014
Coaches Taught 12  56
Children Impacted 1,000  2,371
In Community Hours 64  192

1235384_520071574742260_2001433417_nRumah Cemara is located in West Java, Indonesia. Rumah Cemara is an innovative organization who helps people who have HIV/AIDS and who are drug users.  Their goal is to have an Indonesia without discrimination towards people with HIV/AIDS and people who use drugs. With the support of peers and professionals they work on reducing the harm of drug addiction and provide support for the people and also provide treatment to people with HIV/AIDS. They help raise the quality of life for people with HIV by using peers as a support system.

Not only do Rumah Cemara help treat and support people with HIV/AIDS and drug addictions but they are also proactive educating the community about HIV/AIDS and drugs trying to prevent more people from being infected. They work throughout the community engaging them in activities that educate them about the virus and drug use and try to break down the wall of discrimination towards people with HIV and drug addiction.

To go directly to Rumah Cemara’s own website, please click here

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