Horn of Africa Development Initiative (HODI)

Coaches Across Continents Impact Numbers

2012 2013 2014
Coaches Taught 47  59
Children Impacted 6,000  6,000
In Community Hours 672  400

Horn of Africa Development Initiative (HODI) is an NGO located in Marsabit County, Kenya. They have implemented various projects throughout Marsabit County in Norther Kenya promoting a peaceful and prosperous society with a sustainable development.  They use football to help end tribal conflicts and clashes with a motto, “shoot to score goals instead of shooting to kill.” They use football to create peaceful resolutions to conflicts and help child soldiers and warriors adapt back to village life by showing them they can prosper through learning life skills. They promote the former child soldiers to become peace ambassadors in their communities.

Not only does HODI work on projects with former child soldiers, warriors and tribes at war but they also work directly with young girls issues. They use football to connect with the girls of the community to help with major issues the girls are facing. Whether it has to do with early arranged child marriages, female genital mutilation  teen pregnancies, or high dropout rates from school, HODI is there to support the girls. They use football to teach life skills to the women and to show them that they have the power to make their own choices in life. They  teach the girls that they have a voice in their community and they have the strength to stand up. Coaches Across Continents has worked with HODI for one year and will return this year. They are a wonderful organization that is making a difference in their community day in and out.

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One Comment on “Horn of Africa Development Initiative (HODI)”

  1. Dae Bacho July 10, 2013 at 4:21 am #

    Hi,what you are doing is great.as a budding footballer i know the power of football.keep it up and God bless you all.

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