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Coaches Across Continents will be working for the first time in Nigeria in 2014 with Youth Empowerment Foundation. We will be partnering with Youth Empowerment Foundation based in Lagos, Nigeria. They are a not-for-profit organization who work with the youth of Nigeria by training them on life-skills, leadership development, HIV/AIDS, and family planning. They use many activities including dance, drama, street theater and football to reach out to the youth  to better understand what their needs are. They use these extra activities as a tool to help the youth get tested for HIV/AIDS and counseling.

Women Win have worked with Youth Empowerment Foundation using the GOAL curriculum in the classroom. Coaches Across Continents will use that base to teach the football side of the GOAL curriculum. Youth Empowerment Foundation wants to use football specifically for the females involved in their activities as a tool for empowering them and addressing many other social issues.

To go directly to Youth Empowerment Foundation, please click here.

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