South Africa

Coaches Across Continents is pleased to work with three great organizations in South Africa.  We work with the African Brothers Football AcademyGrootbos Foundation, and Whizz Kids United.  For more information on any of these organizations, please click on their logo.

African brothersAfrican Brothers Football Academy operates in Cape Town and Huidspruit.  They are looking to become the largest, self-sustaining football centres in Southern Africa which will provide employment and learning opportunities.  They create safe havens for students, coaches, and referees while supplying life skills education to kids of all ages.  For more on CACs work with ABFA, please click on their logo.

The Grootbos FoundGrootbosation believes that the development and creation of opportunities for young people.  By participating in sport, having access to professional coaching, and learning about the environment, their vision of improved social integration and development of community will be realised. For more on CACs partnership with the Grootbos Foundation please click on their logo.

Screen shot 2010-11-09 at 10.09.19 PM (1)WhizzKids United operates in KwaZulu Natal and is an interactive, youth-focused programme that uses the game of football to educate adolescents about life skills, gender equality, health, HIV and AIDS prevention.  Their mission is to deliver excellence in HIV and AIDS prevention, care, treatment and support to youth worldwide through the medium of football.  They currently operate a Health Academy and are opening a FIFA Football for Hope Center.  For more on CACs partnership with Whizz Kids United, please click on their logo.

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