Grootbos Foundation

Coaches Across Continents has played a crucial role in providing the Football Foundation of South Africa’s coaches with training opportunities and ongoing support. Working with CAC has enabled our coaches to tackle many of the prevalent social issues affecting the community, using sport as the catalyst. To have access to these types of trainings in a rural community has been incredible!” -Leán Terblanche Programme Director

Coaches Across Continents Impact Numbers

2010 2011 2012
Coaches Taught 7  20  15
Children Impacted 10,000  500  500
In Community Hours 448  896  672

The Grootbos Foundation utilizes a “Space for Sport” communal center in Gansbaai, South Africa.  Here, they focus on training kids from all areas of Gansbaai in soccer, rugby, field hockey, and track & field.  By bringing children together, especially those who are deprived of these opportunities to participate in sport, they will be able to teach valuable lessons for South Africa.  the Grootbos Foundation focuses on the environment, improved social integration and development of community.  In their own words, “Sport is a wonderfully simple way to break down social barriers and bring people together on even terms.”

Grootbos Foundation operates in a truly unique location.  This area was selected for the “Space for Sport Community Center” due to its unique position in the centre of three diverse communities in Gansbaai: Masakhane Township is comprised of about 12,000 black residents, the Blompark community has about 5,000 coloured residents, and the Gansbaai white community consists of about 8,000 residents. There was a dire need for good sporting facilities in the town with almost non-existent sporting facilities at Lukhanyo Primary School in Masakhane, limited facilities at Gansbaai Primary in Blompark, and 18 senior soccer clubs in Gansbaai who all had to share one pitch. This facility will therefore serve a much needed purpose in giving everyone around it the opportunity to play different kinds of sport whilst engaging with other communities. It is therefore vital that as many people as possible have access to the communal sports centre, and to facilitate this, training sessions are held several time a week where the coaches are often greeted by over a hundred kids!

Since 2011, Coaches Across Continents has worked with their coaches in all disciplines to help improve their professional development, as well as working in the Grootbos’ satellite areas an hour away in Hermanus, South Africa.  Their coaches are extremely dedicated to their community.

To visit their website please click here.

For past CAC blogs on Grootbos Foundation, please click here: 2011, 2012

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