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Dar Es Salaam


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Partnership with Kigoma/Ujiji Municipal Council


The incredible work of the Sports Director, Nicholaus Achimpota, has led to a new mission in Kigoma/Ujiji to use sport to educate children on life and leadership skills.

Regions where we provide support

Nicholaus Achimpota worked for 6 months to put together a program in Kigoma that would have maximum benefit for children and teachers in this area of Tanzania.

Support from Coaches Across Continents

Over the course of 16 days, Nick and Melissa provided more than 72 hours of coach and children training for 28 selected teachers from the region and more than 200 children. The teachers were outstanding, bringing enthusiasm and intelligence to every session and were able to learn more than 100 games from our Chance to Choice curriculum including Football for Health and Wellness, Football for Female Empowerment, Football for Fun, Football in the Streets and Football Skills for Life.

The Success of the Program

These newly qualified coaches are now able to work with more than 3000 children in the region and will also start the process of educating their peers. The municipal has mandated that there will be Football for Female Empowerment programs starting by 2009. The community learned from the high profile role of Melissa who was an incredible role model for young women and men in the region. In 2009, Coaches Across Continents is working to have two more of our coaches work in Kigoma and to try to bring two local coaches from Kigoma to the U.S. to continue their training. These newly qualified coaches are now able to work with more than 3,000 children in the region and will also start the process of educating their peers.

In 2009, Christian Aviza and Nick Gates ran Year 2 of the Hat-Trick Initiative with the wonderful teachers of Kigoma.

2010:  Brian and Tracy ran Year 3 of the Hat-Trick Initiative.

2011:  Coaches Across Continents won a SportCourt for Kigoma and coaches Colin, Jessica, and Nathan will develop a long-term strategy to maintain this amazing facility.

Partnership with Geita District

What is the aim of your program?

To develop sports and games talent for youths in the community.

Describe how you are using soccer for social development.

Soccer is used as a tool for creating good community relationships, health, competence, and employment.

How many coaches/volunteers work for your program?

48 coaches

How many coaches/volunteers will you be able to have attend a Coaches Across Continents partnership training program? NB: There must be both male and female coaches.

301 Coaches

Have you ever done any coach training programs with another outside organization? If yes, please describe.

Yes. The training was made by Coaches Across Continents on 5th -10th Sept 2010.

What social problems does your program address (e.g. health, conflict, etc.)?

Health, conflicts and female empowerment

Tell us some of the things that you would do in a normal soccer for development session with the children.

Establishment of soccer academia in the District

How many children take part in your program?


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