CAC working with Tanzania is a very special sponsorship because it gives new opportunity to teachers and children especially in the disadvantaged communities. It enables them to grow in all aspects of life both physical and spiritually.

Nicholaus Achimpota – Chamwino District sports officer

Coaches Across Continents Impact Numbers

2011 2012 2013
Coaches Taught  30  19
Children Impacted  3,000  3,000
In Community Hours  224  336

Coaches Across Continents works throughout Tanzania implementing the CAC curriculum and the GOAL curriculum. Chamwino is a very special place for CAC to work as it is the hometown of our amazing partner in Tanzania. Located in the district of Dodoma, Chamwino is a very rural village surrounded by dusty fields. It is a very unique village in Tanzania that it is off the beaten track and filled with eager, enthusiastic teachers wanting to make a difference in the children’s lives they teach.

CAC has been to Chamwino two times and both times they have left with the feeling that the CAC curriculum is making a difference, because the partners in Chamwino are eager to put to use the new skills they have acquired. Chamwino has a very passionate youth womens team who welcomes girls from the locals schools to come and practice weekly. Not only do the teachers of Chamwino show up early for training sessions learning the CAC curriculum and put 100% effort into the trainings, but they also volunteer and participate in late training sessions with the youth teams. It is truly a very special village in Tanzania.

For past CAC blogs on Chamwino, please click here: 2012

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