Coaches Across Continents Impact Numbers

2011 2012 2013
Coaches Taught  90  30
Children Impacted  9,000  3,000
In Community Hours  672  336

Coaches Across Continents has worked in Njombe, Tanzania the last two years. The population of Njombe relies heavily on farming and livestock to survive. They believe very deeply that using sport for education is the key to the future of their community. CAC has passed the curriculum onto teachers and coaches of Njombe, focusing a lot of time into female participation. When first working with Njombe it was addressed that many girls didn’t participate in sport. With the Njombe Town Council understanding the importance of women being involved in sport one of their main objections for having CAC was to help find ways of getting the girls involved.

With previous training in HIV/AIDS awareness in sport through other organizations Njombe understands how to use sport for social development and uses the CAC curriculum very well, eager to pass it on to the youth. The last two years in Njombe the turnout from the local teachers and coaches have been unbelievable. They are very eager to gain new knowledge and help better their community.

For past CAC blogs in Njombe, please click here: 2011

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