BuwayaYouth Association

“Ani eyali amanyi nti omuzungu ayinza okuvva butellevu mwa-America ngajja buwaya. Ani yali amanyi nti kukyalo Buwaya abavubukka balitendekebwako abazungu ba- koches akullosi kontinenti. Bajjajja nemandwa zibakullembele mulikimu. Tetuyina bwetuyinza basasulla naye tubasabilla mikisa”.  – John Semugoma, Chief of Buwaya District (in Lugandan)

“Who knew that some one of a different race from America would ever visit Buwaya. Who knew that some teenagers, and adults would ever get a chance to be coached by the Muzungu coach from Coaches Across Continents. May the ancenstors of this penninsular (BUWAYA) be with you all. They really can’t think of anyway on how they can reward yo’all instead more blessings to Coaches Across Continents”. -translation from above quote

2012 2013 2014
Coaches Taught  15  28
Children Impacted 200  64
In Community Hours  80  224


Buwaya island, situated in Lake Victoria a few miles off of the Entebbe coast, is only accessible by small canoes leaving from a small and lively fishing port. On the island you can find small clusters of villages of brick houses, a few goats and wandering chicken, trees plentiful of avocados, jackfruit and mangoes and an unlimited amount of human warmth. Life on Buwaya island is organized around fishing, the main activity and way to make a living. 






Buwaya island is also home to the Buwaya Youth Association. Eager to learn new ways to educate their youth and offer them better opportunities for their future, John Semugoma, chief of the Buwaya District, asked CAC to come train their local coaches. The local coaches were excited to participate in a short pilot program in 2012 and are now ready to start a full-on partnership with CAC in the following years.

As a small organization that is just waiting to grow and develop, this is an exciting partnership for CAC in a remote and isolated area, often overlooked by aid groups and government assistance. CAC will help Buwaya Youth Association establish themselves as a football for social impact organization and a strong focus will be put on including in the program the women from the island, very eager but often too shy to participate.

Working in Buwaya for 2013 was the highlight of CAC’s Uganda trip. The community of Buwaya are composed of the most giving, happiest people we have ever come across. Games of tag would become one massive game across open fields, and circle of friends incorporated every child and adult in the area. Buwaya is truly a gem in Uganda.

For past blogs on Buwaya please click, here. 2013


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