Friends of Orphans (FRO)

Coaches Across Continents Impact Numbers

2011 2012 2013
Coaches Taught 110  55
Children Impacted 5,000  200
In Community Hours 1,792  448

Friends of Orphans (FRO), located in the small town of Pader in Northern Uganda was founded in 1999 by former child soldier Ricky Richard Anywar. Pader, a former IDP camp, is in the process of recovering from the atrocities fueled by nearly fifty years of violence, bloodshed, and civil wars wrought by Idi Amin, the National Resistance Army, and most recently (1991-2006) Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). The violence between the LRA and government forces displaced nearly 1.6 million people in Northern Uganda and the LRA abducted over 66,000 children to serve as soldiers for their campaign of violence against the Acholi people.

Due to its United Nations Emergency Zone status, Pader was filled with NGOs and aid programs like War Child, UNICEF, World Food Bank, and countless others that are now slowly pulling out. As part of the rebuilding process, FRO offers a two-year vocational training (in computer skills, brick-laying, wielding, catering and mechanics) to former child soldiers, sex slaves, orphans, child mothers and other vulnerable individuals affected by the conflict in order to rehabilitate them and help them reintegrate into society.

Coaches Across Continents started working with FRO in 2010. The aim of the partnership was to help FRO develop a sports component that could be used as a tool for the students’ rehabilitation and reintegration into society. As FRO founder Ricky Anywar says: “The  world  should  understand that sports is not just recreation but it is a medicine, a therapy for these children. It is more than what people see at the surface.” Pader was chosen as the site for CAC’s 2012 Official Documentary. The FRO Hat-Trick Initiative finished in June 2012.

To visit FRO’ website please click here.

To read what the CAC team did on the 4th of July in Pader click here, or read Kevin O’Donovan’s article Baby steps, Baby kicks.

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