Kampala School of Excellence Ministries

Coaches Across Continents Impact Numbers

2012 2013 2014
Coaches Taught 29  22
Children Impacted 1,529  2,411
In Community Hours 976  224

The Kampala School of Excellence Ministries is an orphanage that was established by Daniel Ntale as “Daniel’s Dream.”  They house up to three dozen boys at any one time, and ensure that this group of students receive an education in the classroom and on the field.  They have had success placing boys into universities as well as opportunities overseas.  However the strongest aspect of Daniel’s Dream is that he recognizes that all boys have an opportunity to learn and improve their own circumstances as well as their community.  In that regard, he approached Coaches Across Continents for a partnership which started in 2011.

Over our first two years, CAC has seen an improvement in the level of coaching, as well as a strong commitment to the full educational process of the boys who reside at his home.  KSEM has also been instrumental in recruiting other coaches from around the Kampala area to partake in the free trainings provided by CAC.  There is a great need for this in Kampala, as Daniel recognizes, because of the history in the country which includes recent civil wars, which has led to numerous orphans.  In addition health & wellness issues such as HIV/AIDs have been problematic for the past thirty years.

daniels promise

Working with KSEM in 2013 was successful as many coaches attended from different areas in Kampala. We had many teachers who were eager to learn the CAC curriculum to then pass off to their schools for physical education.

For past CAC blogs on KSEM, please click here: 2011, 2013

Two KSEM coaches laughing during training in 2011.

Two KSEM coaches laughing during training in 2011.

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