Sport 4 Socialisation

“Teamwork, motivation and perseverance between Coaches Across Continents and S4S Zimbabwe coaches all seasoned our bid to empower children with disabilities through soccer and adapted physical activities and life skills for a better today and an even brighter tomorrow. Vision and determination will pilot our endeavors to a resounding success.” Coach Onai S4S


Coaches Across Continents Impact Numbers

2012 2013 2014
Coaches Taught 20
Children Impacted 500
In Community Hours 1,232

Sport 4 Socialisation (S4S) is a unique program for Coaches Across Continents.  Operating in Mutare, Zimbabwe near the Mozambique border, S4S assists children living with disabilities and their families to regain or obtain self-esteem and to give them the means or knowledge to develop economically, socially and personally and to teach them how to cope and deal with disabilities through adapted and inclusive physical activity programmes with the focus on education, health care and social inclusion to improve their quality of life.

S4S has an award-winning program which focuses on


  • Adapted and inclusive physical activities;
  • Direct child assistance (medical assistance);
  • Parent Support Groups;
  • Physiotherapy and counselling;
  • Livelihood development programmes;
  • Disability, human rights and HIV/AIDS awareness.

CAC was lucky enough to see first-hand the impact that S4S has had on the individual lives during our partnership in 2012 when we assisted with their annual games which included soccer, tug of war, relay races, dancing, music, and food among other activities.  It was a pleasure to see this group finding inclusion within the community after being overlooked for years.

For more about S4S please check out their website:

For past CAC blogs on S4S, please click here: 2012

CAC coach Kevin Harrington receives an embrace during training.

CAC coach Kevin Harrington receives an embrace during training.

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