Our Business Boards

Building a strong business organization behind the scenes

To ensure that our 501 (c) 3 organization and UK charity run as efficiently as possible, we have created three unique boards to help guide our operations:

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors includes Seamus Malin, Bill Gates (not the one with all the money!), and Steve Bowsher. The Board of Directors oversees the whole organization and ensures that we run a very efficient business. They also make decisions on where we should send our coaches, which partner programs to support and how to develop our fundraising activities.

Coach Advisory Board

Our Coach Advisory Board includes Tim Wheaton, Dave Parnaby, Dr. Andrew Old, and Dr. Judith Gates. This Board works on our curriculum, on-line mentoring, and coach education. They ensure that our programs run at the highest level and that communities around the world receive the greatest opportunities to create their own, sustainable programs. The Coach Advisory Board has developed five main educational areas: Football for Conflict Resolution (including social inclusion), Football for Life Skills, Football for Female Empowerment, Football for Health and Wellness (including HIV/AIDS and Malaria), and Football for Financial Literacy.

Business Advisory Board

The Business Advisory Board examines how we best develop our not-for-profit business model. This board works on fundraising, marketing, our website, Facebook, and corporate and football social responsibility programs. Members of this Board include Paul Baverstock, Christian Aviza, Andy Dale, Graham Bradford, Sara Simonds, Ciaran McArdle, and consultants from iFc 1966. Other volunteers who assist the board include Adam Rousmaniere, Anna Rodenbough, Iain Bridges, and David Williams, who head different fundraising and social network groups.

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