Nora Dooley

20131127_132850is joining the CAC team as an On Field Coach starting in September 2013.  A graduate of Columbia University in New York City, USA, Nora was an attacking midfielder for their women’s soccer team.  After graduation she lived in South Africa for a year while doing a year-long internship with Grassroot Soccer.  We are thrilled to have Nora on board as she explores more of the world and takes charge of our on-field trainings around the world!

She can be reached at:

Five Football Facts With Nora:

1. Favorite Team – Barcelona

2. Favorite Players – Iniesta and Rapinoe

3. Favorite Coach – Dave Wainwright of Needham, MA

4. Favorite Movie – Good Will Hunting/Shawshank Redemption (don’t make me choose)

5. Who will win the World Cup in 2014 and 2015? – Argentina (so Pelé will finally shut up about Messi) and USA

Why do you enjoy working with CAC? – “Soccer.  This sport has consumed me since diapers.  It raised me, provided me with extended family, showed me how fun it is to win and how much it hurts to lose, and taught me to be a good person.  For the better part of my life this game owned me – and now I am owning it.  I have always known that the power of soccer extends so far beyond the game and finding an organization that truly harnesses this power is exciting to say the least.  CAC’s unique approach to sport for social impact allows me to use this crazy passion as an instrument of change and I am so grateful to be part of the team.”

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