Coaches Across Continents is always looking for people to help out, both as on the field volunteer coaches and off the field through our Internship Program and our Soccer Moms Across Continents program.

Volunteer – It doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 80, CAC is always looking for great people to coach on the field in developing communities.  Volunteer Coach Application 2014.

CAC Internship – The new program for 2013 is looking for undergraduates and graduates primarily based in the North America and the UK in order to help us with all our off-field projects, as well as hopefully going on a trip following the completion of their internship! Internship Application 2014.

Give Us A Game Project – This is for entire teams, groups, or organizations.  We need 90 minutes of your time to promote CAC!

Soccer Moms Across Continents – This program (new for 2013) is seeking Soccer Moms who want to help from the comfort of their own home.

Donate – Don’t have time but you have the heart?  Help out quickly and effortlessly by donating.  Last year over 90% of our raised funds went directly to our on-field programs.


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